Partner with Athens Area Horse Community

If you appreciate the mission of AAHC, then please consider becoming a partner. Email us to explore options for partnerships.

AAHC Mission

Athens Area Horse Community is dedicated to sustainably stimulating the growth of the local horse community. We have a wide variety of community fulfillment type projects in the works and strive to help unify the local community to solve the problems we face together. Maintaining and improving this website is a critical part of fulfilling that mission. We provide a valuable service to the local community – with lists of local merchants, a calendar of events, an interactive map of places to ride, articles and a monthly newsletter tailored to serving the local community. We have a youth educational program in the works and we are hard at work on a land conservation program (first project is Heritage Park). AAHC has a variety of upcoming events – schooling opportunities, barrel racing practice runs, obstacle challenges, a veterinary health/care educational series, and much more!

Who qualifies to partner with AAHC?

Our ideal partners are also dedicated to sustainably stimulating the growth of the local horse community. They want to help us connect Athens Area horse people, provide valuable information that the community members can put to use, give community members opportunities to grow and learn.

Why Partner with AAHC?

Aligning your company or personal brand with Athens Area Horse Community means associating with a community organization that is bringing horse people together, providing a valuable and appreciated service to the local community, . It is a creative way to get your name out there and advertise. The logos of our Corporate Partners will appear on all publications and will be proudly displayed on the sidebar of the website. This side bar appears on every page of the AAHC website. We will also add your logos to the banner on the Facebook Page.

Who would be a great Partner for AAHC?

Companies or individuals who share our interest in sustainably encouraging the growth of the local horse community.

While we are NOT a non-profit (the main division of AAHC is an LLC), a significant portion of our time is devoted to giving back to the community. The youth educational program we are striving work towards will be a 501c3, and the land conservation program as well… eventually. Your financial support allows us to spend more time working on these two programs – as well as finding other ways to serve the community. Your partnership is key to sustaining and growing our organization. Partnering with us gives the staff at AAHC the stability to explore and invest in the interests of the local community. As a Corporate Partner, and member of the local community, this is an opportunity to tell the others in the community that your company values what we are doing.

We want the relationship with our Partners to be mutually beneficial – and we are authorities in the local horse community. If you have questions about the community, we can help. From market research to helping your employees find satisfying volunteer opportunities, we are highly knowledgeable about the local horse community and we if we cannot answer your question, then we know the person who can!

AAHC Partner = Preferred Vendor

We want the relationship with our Partners to be mutually beneficial. One of the benefits of this partnership is that you become a preferred vendor. This could look different depending on the needs of your company, but an easy example would be a restaurant would have exclusive dibs on providing concessions at our events. When members of the community ask for help in your field, we would direct them to you.

Partners have the option of having a vendor table at our events (some events may have a vendor table cost depending on the venue).

What do you get from joining AAHC as a Partner?

– Your logo on every publication and flyer
– Your logo on the side bar of every website page *bottom of page for mobile devices.
– “Partner Feature” article in one newsletter per term, posted and promoted online
– Preferred Vendor status. We recommend your services or products above others to our community.
– At minimum one article/post per contract term answering an Ask-A-Pro question, establishing you as an authority in your field.

What does AAHC get out of a Partnership?

Financial assistance that will help us volunteer staff time on community building opportunities that may not have a monetary return. Examples may include land conservation projects, getting the youth educational program off the ground, taking risks on event ideas like the schooling opportunities and Local Trainer Showcase, and more.

2022 Partners

For 2022, we have a goal of 6 Partners, with hopes to go to a maximum of 12 – that would allow us to highlight one corporate sponsor per month. Each partner will be asked (but not required) to write an article for the newsletter. We want to help establish your brand as a leader and expert in your field.

Partnering with AAHC is fundamentally a great marketing opportunity. And as marketing goes, it is relatively inexpensive.

All that being said, we are wiling to be flexible and consider new ideas and opportunities. If you have an idea for how you can support our mission or want to align with us – reach out! We are a community driven organization and we WANT TO HEAR YOUR IDEAS! Our email is