Feed, Tack, & Hay Suppliers

Our community needs your help to keep this list current! Please Contact Us at AthensAreaHorseCommunity@gmail.com to add, edit, or remove a listing.

This list is not an endorsement, it is just a compiled list of the area hay suppliers. If you want recommendations, we suggest you comment on this page or join the group on Facebook to ask for opinions.

920 Cattle & Company (Statesboro): russell and tift hay, round or square – (785) 477-0805
Athens Seed, Lawn, and Garden (Watkinsville): feed and farm supplies – (706) 769-0828
B & C Farm (Comer): Coastal square, coastal and rye round. Delivery available. Local Farm – Corey Clements 706-540-2470
Bar G Horse and Cattle Supply: (Bishop) Multiple feed brands; Alfalfa Hay, Orchard/Alfalfa Mix and Timothy (Kentucky); Bermuda and Bermuda/Grass Mix (Georgia); also wide variety of tack, animal health, farrier and farm supplies. – 706.769.7960
Equine Consign – Horse and rider, tack, apparel, and supply consignment boutique – (770) 894-9730
Garwood Farm Hay Business: (Monticello) coastal square – 770-354-2085
B & B Farm Services: (Mansfield) bermuda round and square – (770) 550-2646 or (770) 313-1220
Rockin J Hay: (Albany) delivery available – 208.781.1447
J & J Hay Farms: (Ball Ground) timothy, alfalfa, orchard and mixes, also grass hays and straw – 678.679.0936
Jeffery Thomas: (Good Hope) bermuda, fescue, rye grass and mixes; round; delivery available – 706.338.2515
Mary’s Tack and Feed: (Athens) square bales of timothy, orchard/alfalfa, and bermuda – 770.725.1977
Verner Farm: (Rutledge) bermuda and rye – (706) 342-5667


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